Watch this space for information about this years schedule as we confirm speakers and presenters from around the globe.

As themed content is confirmed, you’ll be able to see details here also…

Drumming & Singing Circle

Exploring the part rhythm & music play in the firewalking culture.

Meditation Walk & Tree Planting Ceremony

Led by Owsa Beckman

Air Element Ceremony

Recognising and celebrating the air element.

Led by Owsa Beckman, Eva Meier Bear & Baiba Klava-Vecvanags

Getting Busy

Empowerment business development session

Led by Steve Consalvez

Corporate Firewalks in Incredible Places

Tono presents his experiences of creating firewalk experiences for other in some amazing locations.

Led by Tono Penedo

“Let It Be Easy”

An exploration and celebration of Tolly Burkans book, including an original rock music performance

with Jon Boys

Night 1 Firewalk

Presented by the host nation

Night 2 Firewalk

The Sculpture Firewalk

Led by Bence L Tarr

Night 3 Firewalk

An organic creation brought together by all attendees to close the final evening.

The Sacred Earth Meditation

Led by Eve Meier Bear