Bence L Tarr

Bence L Tarr


Bence László Tarr holds an MA in cultural anthropology, a BA in oriental studies, and an MA equivalent Diploma in TESOL from the University of Cambridge. He is a dedicated sportsman and a martial artist in HEMA. He founded the Firewalking community NAPKAPU that also provides organizational development services. NAPKAPU means “Doorway to the Sun” in his mother-tongue Hungarian.

He believes Firewalking is now proven as one of the most effective ways to boost human performance and behaviour in a controlled and safe way.

Bence is also an ordained Dharma-preacher and Buddhist practitioner. He has been working in the field of human development for 18 years using both conventional and alternative tools for development primarily with large multinational firms and organizations.

Sessions with Bence L Tarr

October 3, 2018