Martins Vecvanags

Martins Vecvanags


Certified by founders of European Firewalking branch – Rolf and Owsa Beckman (Sweden)


Over 20 years of International Management experience Held CEO positions in large and multi-national companies with up to 1000 employees and annual turnover of sales volume above 150 million EUR.

Martins started to build his career as trainer in 2009 and have become one of most recognised business trainer in Latvia. Over last 5 years Mr. Vecvanags has worked with more than 5000 managers and over 300 companies in public and in-house events.

His trainees include entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes and other professionals from Baltic’s, Caucasus and Central Asia as well participants from USA, Spain, Sweden, Somalia, Brazil, Italy, Israel, Holland, Moldova, Belarus and others.

Executive MBA, Gold certified individual and Team coach (Erickson International),

Sessions with Martins Vecvanags

October 4, 2019

October 6, 2019