Rolf Beckman

Rolf Beckman


Firewalking Instructor in 1991, certified by Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan.

FIRE Master in 1995 by Tolly Burkan.

On Tolly Burkans staff 1992 – 1994. Has trained and certified 100s of Firewalking Instructors worldwide since 1995 through his and Owsa Beckmans Firewalking School ”Eight Directions” (which stands for the ability to navigate the full circle of life with joy and honesty).

“At the core of my teachings is always the celebration”, says Rolf, “the sheer fascination of the mystery that we are alive. Every time in front of the coals it seems impossible to walk on them, yet it´s very easy, even comfortable, once the decision is made. Same in life. Once we decide to accept the fleeting reality of ourselves and live our lives on this basis of truth, it becomes possible to carve out your own standards and the struggles of life becomes less painful and more of a test of your character. As long as we are willing to exercise our emotional and spiritual muscles it is possible to flow with the changes” 

Rolf got an academic training as a psychologist and worked as therapist from the mid 70s. In the early 90s he changed his focus from individuals to organizations.

”In many ways the life of an organization is like that of a person, both are organisms with their systems, history and dreams. When dreams were turned into nightmares we helped bring life to a new vision for that organisation.” 

From 2007 to 2012 Rolf worked as a CEO for a 200 people-company providing service to the social welfare sector. During Rolf´s years as a CEO the turnover was increased by almost 100 %.

Rolf lives with Owsa Beckman at Snakestone Farm in the south of Sweden.

Sessions with Rolf Beckman

October 3, 2019