The International Firewalk Gathering


A brief description

The International Firewalk Gathering sets out to create a meeting place for certified Firewalk Instructors. A meeting place that can help in the development on a personal and professional level. The contents and program of the Gathering is designed to fulfil the needs and create value for Certified Firewalking Instructors and Masters.

The Gathering wishes to support all attendees and strengthen every individual that takes part. At the core of the Gathering is a desire to raise the vibration of Firewalking on the world stage. This can be accelerated by the coming together of Firewalk Instructors from every corner of the planet.

Collectively the Gathering creates an environment for exploring, learning, and celebrating the diversity of Firewalking. The Gathering presents workshops, talks and spectacular Firewalks. It’s four meaningful days of passion, learning and joy!

The International Firewalk Gathering is about sharing. Sharing support and experiences, sharing techniques and stories, letting information flow freely between participants. Speakers at the Gathering are also delegates at the Gathering. All who has something to share will get a spot to do so at the Gathering. 

The International Firewalk Gathering is a network of friends and colleagues. Every year an organizational committee including local hosts is constituted. This project group plans and arranges that years Gathering. All is done as voluntary work and no one gets paid. The Gathering is a Not For Profit network. Should there be a surplus from the Gathering, this is put into next years Gathering.

There are a handful of “schools” that train and certify Firewalking Instructors and Firewalking Masters. The International Firewalk Gathering stands free from these schools and represents none of them. All Firewalking Instructors and Masters, no matter who trained them, are welcome.