2023 – Sju Sjöar, Sweden


Heather Ash Amara

“Fiery Creativity: Tools and Energetic Practices for Firewalks and Beyond”

Ása Beckman

“Tie it all together”

Tom Gregor

“Firewalking as an impulse to change your life”

Ewa Pisera

Mental Freedom

 Lara Rosenberg & Mishawn Mielke

“Elemental ritual for everyday life

Steve Consalvez

“The endless journey of leraning”

Katie Rutledge & Arantxa Cobus Aguirre

“Dragons Fairies and Fire”

Tarr Bence László

“How to deliver safe festive firewalks for 200+ people”

Naomi Mills

“Firewalking from a chiropractor’s perspective”


Carna Sigvardsson

 “Communicating energy through movement”