Owsa Beckman
Owsa Beckman is one of the three first Firewalking Masters in the world. She owns Eight Directions, a “world famous firewalking school”.
Since many years she and her late husbond Rolf Beckman inspired becoming Firewalking Instructors and Firewalking Masters to step into their full power. Their certification was just the beginning of a lifelong journey with many paths to choose. Every choice leads to another step of fullfillment. There is no right or wrong way, the experience will be the answer and show the next step.
Owsa got her nickname at a concert with Pat Matheney as he didn’t know the syllable Å. Since then it´s the name she uses in The world of Firewalking. She is an biologist among many other aquired titles and develops knowledge about fascia in horses when she is not firewalking.
Topis for Mexico: Death, Heritance and New Creation