Program is still in progress.

What can you expect?

Workshop and presentation topics


We don’t know the exact schedule yet, but you can expect these topics:


  • – The effect and influence of The Word – John Maisel
  • – Belief system in different paths of firewalking – Ása Beckman
  • – Does it have to be safe? – Martins Vecvanags
  • – Dream Warrior – Barry Collins
  • – Breathing Better – Post-Covid Respiratory Mindfulness.
  • – The Wisdom of 20 years of firewalking talk mistakes.
  • – Growing your Firewalking respect through events.
  • – “Not the Messiah” – Using humour in your firewalking talk
  • – THE GFA – The professional association representing instructors and promoting Firewalking as a medium for all.




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Expected speakers

Barry Collins

Arantxa Cobos Aguire

Steve Consalvez

Peggy Dylan

Not confirmed yet

Baiba Klava – Vecvanaga

Martins Vecvanags

Tom Gregor

Elke Wiget-Schwartz

John Maisel

Tarr Bence László

Ása Beckman

And more speakers are comming.

Program (under construction)

Day 1

Thursday October 13th

13:00 Opening of the Gathering

17:00 Preparation of the fire

Host country Firewalk

All night party

Day 2

 Friday October 14th

Morning workshops and presentations

Afternoon workshops

Tree planting

 Female energy Firewalk

All night party

Day 3

 Saturday October 15th

Morning workshops and presentations

Afternoon workshops


 All Nations Firewalk

Party 🙂

Day 4

 Sunday October 16th

Morning cleaning up the place

Closing ceremony

12:00 Departure