Program is still in progress.

What can you expect?

More than 40 firewalk masters and instructors from all around the globe

Workshops, Seminars and lots of insipration

Spectacular Firewalks

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Expected speakers

Arantxa Cobos Aguire

“Dancing with your masks through the Fire and the Firewalking”

Ása Beckman

“Belief system in different paths of firewalking”

JaCobus Visser

“The future of firewalking innovation””

John Maisel

“The Effect and Influence of the Word”

Kevin Axtell

“Advanced Firewalking”

Lior Littman

“Some Real Magic”

Martins Vecvanags

“Does it have to be safe?”

Olivia Beardsmore


Peggy Dylan

Online per Zoom


Steve Consalvez

“Breath Power Session”

Tarr Bence László

“How to deliver safe festive firewalks for 200+ people”

Tom Gregor

“Old ways to start fire”

Jeanette H Bergelin

“The fire from within”

Sarina Harz

Fiery Leadership: Staying centered, creative, and compassionate in challenges and change

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Program (in progress)

Day 1

Thursday October 13th


Arrival and Check-in as of 13:00

15:00 Opening of the Gathering

Welcome, Introductions, Intentions…  

Host country (Czech) fire building  

Old ways to start fire (workshop)         

Lightig fire and Host country (Czech) Firewalk
Dinner and Party


Day 2

 Friday October 14th

Female energy day

Spirit walk       

Fiery leadership           

Dancing with your masks through the Fire and the Firewalking


The fire from within     



Female Energy Firewalk

Dinner and Party

Evening Celebrations

Day 3

 Saturday October 15th

All nations day

Breath Power Session  

The future of Firewalking innovation    

How to deliver safe festive firewalks for 200+ people

Does it have to be safe?           

Advanced Firewalking  


Some Real Magic         

The Effect and influence of the Word   

Dream Warrior

Co-creation of All Nations Fire

All Nations Firewalk     

Gala Dinner and Party


Day 4

 Sunday October 16th


Clearing and cleaning firewalk grounds + tree planting

The Rake Award

Closing circle   

Ceremony and closing speech  

13:00   Departure