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REGISTER for The Firewalk Gathering in Spain

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Until July 31st

€399 per person

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What’s included with your ticket

  • Full program and three spectacular firewalks.
    • Airport shuttle to the venue.
    • Thursday from Airport to the venue. Pick up point and time will be notified.
    • Sunday from venue to the airport.
    • Bedroom. Up to 3 people in the same room.
    • Food.
  • Thursday. Lunch and dinner.
  • Friday. All inclusive.
  • Saturday. All inclusive.
  • Sunday. Breakfast.

(If you have any special needs, allergies, etc, just let us know, we will provide a proper option for you.)


Before Gathering starts

€499 per person

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  • Payment methods available
    • Credit/Debit Card
      • Our payment system will detect if your card support installment payment, after you have entered your card details, it offers you the option to split your purchase, please select your best option
    • Bank Transfer. Use information below:
      • IBAN No.: ES56 0081 5131 4100 0145 1847 / BSAB ESBB
    • Installment payments
      • We are offering a 4 payments splitted in the following:
        • First payment: 99€
        • Second payment: 100€
        • Third payment: 100€
        • Fourth payment: 100€
      • All payments should be paid before the Firewalk Gathering start. Please contact us to arrange the payments with you

Please contact us if you have any doubt, comments or any other requirement, we will discuss the best solution


To confirm your place, please complete the registration. If you want to pay in instalments, let us know, we will contact you to set up a payment plan that suit your needs.

All deposits are €99 per person and they are non-refundable.