Arantxa Cobos


Arantxa Cobos Aguirre is from Spain and she met the firewalking in 2013. In this moment she had clear that Firewalking was an incredible inner transformation tool and then she did the FIT at 2014.

Since then she consider the fire as the inner mirror in which we can discover the next steps of the life journey and firewalking as the strength that push these steps.

Arantxa helps people to see all the greatness they have inside and start to give the steps to the life they pursue.  Enjoying the path which is the real goal, accepting and loving our imperfections, connecting with who deeply are.

Arantxa is going to talk about “Passion at moments of uncertainty”. Through this talk we are going to walk through the path of the life, even in uncertainty , and find which is what awake us the passion to learn and play with life.

Sessions with Arantxa Cobos