Carna Sigvardsson

Carna experienced Firewalking for the first time around 1990 with Tolly Burkan and did her FIT at Snakestone Farm with Owsa and Rolf Beckman in 1995 and with John Maisel who came to Sweden in the follow up the year after.

Carna practice shamanic methods in everyday life as well as in ceremonies and since the gathering in Hungary she has taken Dragon energy into her life thanks to Katie Rutledge. Carna is an experienced Sweat Lodge keeper and Tai Chi Chuan instructor.

She has university studies and research in the realms of Forest Ecology, Environmental Engineering and Cultural Anthropology.

The last years she has a new passion within Dance Theatre and Contact Improvisation and is training, rehearsing and performing as an amateur in two dance companies.

“I love the power and beauty of wordless communicating”

Sessions with Carna Sigvardsson