Katie Rutledge

Katie has over twenty years of experience of Shamanism, facilitating ongoing drum circles and training in Shamanism through workshops and courses. She also has a client practice and offers counselling, guidance and healing where needed.

Her work with Fire began in 2004 when she experienced her first Firewalk and in 2009 she trained as a Firewalk Instructor with Peggy Dylan. Katie’s work with Fire is to introduce people to the living, intelligent and powerful being that is Fire, for transformation and healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Dragons appeared as Spirit Guides in Katie’s initial shamanic training and she has been working with them intensively since 2013. She now leads Dragon Circles and Dragon training events to introduce Dragons as enormously powerful beings who work with other allied Nations in other dimensions, such as the Fairies, to serve the Earth and all life upon Her.

Sessions with Katie Rutledge