Lara Rosenberg

Since I can remember I have been networking and creating sales. Initially selling lemonade and cookies on my corner moving into the retail industry, to selling windows & siding, then off to the natural foods industry working with startups, then off to high end addiction treatment helping people to better their lives. Lara has worked in Business Development, Marketing and Consulting in the Behavioral Health Treatment Industry, Humanitarian Aid in Sri Lanka, Thailand and India, Owner of OM3 Yoga, LLC, Partner in Cruz Tequila and Cerveza Escala. I have unique experiences that can offer a variety of insights working locally and internationally.


Lara Rosenberg day to day helps people break through what they think is impossible and making it possible. Lara uses a variety of embodiment modalities created VibeAsana™, specializes in yoga therapy, trauma informed yoga consultant, meditation, somatic release movement, somatic embodiment and other healing modalities. Lara specializes in working with healing techniques for Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Pain, Substance Abuse Disorder, Burn Survivors, Cancer healing and whatever else shows up.  Lara has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 25 years.  Lara

Sessions with Lara Rosenberg