Naomi Mills

Naomi Mills lives in Edinburgh, Scotland where she works as a Chiropractor and retreat leader in a beautiful spot overlooking the Pentland hills. Her passion is in the body/brain connection which lead her to publish her book “You are the Answer: Why it’s time to trust your body”.  After her first firewalk in 2018, Naomi felt inspired to train as a Firewalking Instructor and qualified in May 2022. Since that time, she has taken more than 200 clients over coals and the retreat part of her business has grown to over 40 events per year. All of her work focusses on the brain/body connection and Naomi has found that Chiropractic and Firewalking has much more in common than people first realise


After working as a Chiropractor for 12 years, Naomi has spent all her professional life talking to people about their nervous system: how it controls their body and affects every part of their life experience. Through her Chiropractic work, Naomi helps people shift the state of their nervous system from stress and ill-health into healing and resilience. Firewalking, is a powerful demonstration of this process and Naomi uses it to show her clients exactly what it means to get into an adaptive state and how life-changing that is. This talk is intended to share how Firewalking can be viewed from a health and welbeing perspective and the benefits that can bring to firewalkers in terms of their physiological health

Sessions with Naomi Mills