Peggy Dylan

Peggy Dylan is the founder and director of the Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education. She is a practical mystic and educator who travels the globe transforming hearts and minds.

Peggy Dylan is a heart-centred force for change in the world who has empowered transformation in tens of thousands of people. Peggy’s work inspires a diverse range of teachers, both spiritual and corporate. Her trainings provide a blueprint for transforming businesses and people’s personal lives.

Peggy is a key founder of The Western Firewalk Movement and inspiration behind the worlds love for ‘firewalking’!

Peggy has built and run a successful spirited business for the last 4 decades and continues to be a sought after keynote speaker at global events. Peggy’s teachings, strategies and established tools for success will empower you to reach your highest potential.

Sessions with Peggy Dylan