Sarina Harz

Sarina Harz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, adjunct professor, program manager, and community developer. They have spent the last decade serving clients with chronic medical conditions, facilitating trauma-informed care, and assisting folks in getting more liberated in their lives using a myriad of transformative tools.

Sarina works as a mental health therapist, ritualist, and wilderness rites of passage guide. They have been studying with HeatherAsh Amara for the last seven years and is a member of the Warrior Goddess Leadership Team, HeatherAsh’s firewalking squad, and the Warrior Goddess Training Mentorship Team. Sarina can be found in her spare time dancing around the fire, playing in the woods, and disrupting white supremacy and the patriarchy.

As leaders, catalysts, and change-makers, we must continue to deepen our own capacity to stay centered and compassionate, especially in extreme times. This means managing our own energy so we stay sustainable and resilient. HeatherAsh will share shamanic techniques and practices to keep your inner fire burning bright, and how they can be incorporated personally and into your firewalks or teachings.

Sessions with Sarina Harz