Sju Sjöar

Sju sjöar rests on the oldest bedrock in the world. The Scandinavian mountains are filled with ancient lore and fairietales through the centuries. This land will be the location for the sixth Gathering.

The wildlife is rich and we promise (finger crossed ) that you will see ancestors to The Viking God Odin´s ravens Hugin and Munin flying in the sky, as well as hawks and sometimes eagles. Moose, deers and many other wild animal dwells in the wood.

Our hosts are Jeanette and Johan Berglin who many of you met in the Czech Republic last year. Their hospitality and passion is a guarentee for another unforgettable event.

You, who never attend a Gathering before, will meet Firewalking Instructors with so many aspects how you can conduct a firewalk that you will be astionished and inspired. They let loose and enjoy themselves totally when they don´t have the responsibility for their delegates experience and safety.

The venue for the 6th Gathering Sju sjöar (Seven Lakes)