What to expect?

You will firewalk with the worlds most experienced firewalkers who will create spectacular firewalks. The program is built on the participants contribution and will be developed almost until the day the Gathering starts.
We recommend you to go to Archive and look at previous programs to get inspiration if you would like to contribute

Day 1

13.00 Arrival,  Checking in, getting around   

15:00 Drumming 

15:15  Welcome & Introduction

15:45  Coffee break = FIKA 

16:30 Building the fire 

17:30 – 19:00 Dinner 

19:00 Swedish Firewalk 


Day 2

 8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Communicating energy through movement (Carna Siggvardson)

Elemental rituals for eveyday life (Lara rosenberg and Mishawn Mielke)

11:25     10 minutes break

11:35 Speech about GFA  (Heather Ash Amara)

12:30 Lunch 

14:00 open

14:30 The endless journey of learning (Steve Conzalves)

15:00 Firewalking as an impulse to change your life (Tom Gregor)

15:30 Coffee break = FIKA

15:45 Firewalking versus nervous system (Naomi Mills)

16:15 Celebration of life remebering Rolf (Bence Lazlo Tarr)

16:45 Building the fire 

17:30 Dinner 

19:00 Firewalk 


Day 3

8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Empowering Breathwork (Johan Bergelin)

Vertical artistic of Yoga (Stefanie Greifzu)

11:25    10 minutes break

11:35  Fiery creativity: Tools and practices for firewalks and beyond (Heather Ash Amara)

12:30 Lunch 

14:00 Dragons, Fairies and Fire (Katie Rutledge & Arantxa Cobos Aguirre)

15:30 Coffee Break = FIKA

15:45 Tie it all topgether: Good closures for new beginings (Owsa Beckman)

16:15  All nations fire planning

16:45 Building the fire 

17:30 Dinner 

19:00 Firewalk 

Nordic Ritual (Jeanette, Rebecka & Johan)


Day 4

8.00 Breakfast

10:00 Clearing and cleaning firewalk grounds + tree planting  

11:00 Closing circle  

12:15  Ceremony and closing speech 

13:00 Departure

Awaiting the 2024 Gathering