Terms and conditions

When you buy a place on our event, you are reserving seat in limited seats event, so

  1. You may use the ticket yourself, or
  2. If you are unable to attend, you may gift your ticket to a suitable alternative person provided you get our prior approval in writing. It is important that you get our approval and that we assess the suitability of a proposed alternative attendee in advance, due to the nature of our events. Whether or not that person actually attends, your place will be deemed to have been used.
  3. If you do not attend an event that you have paid for, and do not agree with us in advance that someone else may attend in your place, then that place is deemed to have been used, and no refund will be given.
  4. If you bought ticket with instalments, but failed to pay in full, all paid amounts are kept by organizer.
  5. In exceptional circumstances, if you are unable to attend, we may offer to re-sell your ticket and if successful you will receive a refund, less 69€ administration fee

Date change or cancellation (such as Covid circumstances):

  1. If event will be cancelled, you will be entitled to full refund
  2. If dates of event are changed, you will be offered option to keep your seat and or option to receive refund.